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Submit Down!

I’ve had some problems with the submit page the past couple days. It should be back up soon, but until then send me a message, and I’ll upload it manually.



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A Problem Fixed.


The problem has been found and resolved. It was with zilla likes ( that little heart you see next to the plugin). It looks like many of the “likes” that were given over the past day or so have not been registered, but they should be good to go now!


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A Problem!

Hey everyone,

Yesterday we got a lot of traffic from a blog post on Lifehacker. Its great and alot of people found out about Rainmeterhub. Woot!

Unfortunately, with the influx of new people, Hostgator was afraid the server was going to go over its usage limits. As a result, they cached the site for most of yesterday. I’m not entirely sure what the problem is, but I’m working on it and will try to get the site back to full functionality asap.

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We’ve had a great response since launching 2 weeks ago.

I’ve been trying to put up a couple of new skins/suite everyday, but time is fleeting and please accept my apologies if it doesn’t happen daily.

That being said, the submit page is now live on the site. You can submit your own personal skin or suite, or re-post one from a different site. I only ask that you do you best to make the screenshot look simple and clean.

Submitting should be pretty straightforward, but if you have any questions or just to to some feedback, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!


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The First Drop


Last month, I saw a post on Reddit with an incredible Rainmeter suite. I had no idea what it was, but it caught my eye. A trip to r/rainmeter and visit to caught me up to speed.

Putting my own suites together was great. Customizing my own desktop? A blast, yet I became increasingly frustrated finding skins.There are some great Rainmeter communities out there with excellent contributors, but the platforms they are hosted on were crowded and made it hard to find simple, and visually appealing skins.

That’s why I made Rainmeterhub. My hope is that it becomes a platform to easily find good looking and practical skins. If you have a suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Thanks for stopping by!

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